When you venture into the deep dark forest and hear the soft rustling of leaves, look down. Be patient, listen and watch. These elusive alien invaders and their critters can often be found hiding in logs, lounging around or foraging for mushrooms.
Recycled art characters hiking in the woods.
Born in a factory, these vintage electronic components are fleeing to the forest in an attempt to escape capture and disassembly. E-waste recycling is their worst nightmare. Their short legs makes travel difficult but they seem to be adapting to life in the forest.

Recycled electronic art characters with orange mushrooms
They travel close to the ground on the forest floor. They can be found in the thick underbrush and foraging for mushrooms.

Recycled art charaters check out alien ship

They have become friends with the space invaders and happily coexist.

Critter with wild mushroom
If you have ever heard of the potato clock then you realize that electricity can be generated from living plants. The forest is full of electrons on which these displaced components can feed.
Electronic art critter dancing on toadstool

Alien e-waste critter dancing on a toadstool.

Junkbot in hollow tree
Some of these recycled robots live high up in hollowed out trees.
Robots examine wild mushroom
Overheard them arguing... I'm not tasting it, you try it first! Does a poisonous mushroom have poisonous electrons? Ridiculous! Maybe some sort of dangerous power surge or sudden voltage drop? Must be some reason for their hesitation.

Alien creature trapped under fallen tree branch

When a tree falls in the forest, will an alien be crushed?

electronic crystal posing with mushroom
Drippy, slimy, rotting mushrooms are a favorite snack for these ravenous critters.

Creature hiding in log

Hollow logs are an excellent hiding place.

Hauling mushrooms back to their log home.

Computer chip character eating berries in the forest

E-waste invader feasting on wild berries.

Recycled art character under foot.

Accidentally stepped on this poor guy but I dusted him off and he was okay.

recycled art character sleeps on large leaf in the forest
Found this one sunning himself on a leaf hammock.  Perhaps he is generating solar energy?

tired short legged creature napping on top of red mushroom
Such short legs, they struggle to get through the debris on the forest floor and seem to tire easily.

strange creature lurking in pine needles beside wild mushroom
Scientists are now finding that mushrooms make good batteries. Something these wayward components seem to already know.
Creature hiding under wild mushroom in the dark forest
Be very careful if you capture one. They won't bite, but their spiked hair is razor sharp and can easily pierce the skin.
Electronic components wire mushroom for power
alien characters playing in dead tree

E-waste invasion, coming soon to a forest near you.

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