Discarded electronic components have banded together to build evil robotic creatures. It is feared that if the improper disposal of electronic waste continues our forests will soon be overrun with these villains. They are an invasive species and must be stopped. New robotic factories have sprung up nationwide.
Is this what Donald Trump had in mind when he promised to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.A.? I think not!
recycled art characters made from vintage electronic components
Take a good look at this motley crew. They need to be captured, disassembled and disposed of properly.
Assembly workers in electronics factory building new vacuum tube person
Old capacitors, discarded chips, burned out bulbs, it seems no  electronic component is safe from these industrious workers. They bring new meaning to that old GE slogan, "We Bring Good Things to Life" They walk around the factory muttering this but I'm not sure the good part is true.
e-waste in trash can photo


States that have mandated proper disposal of e-waste are seeing massive layoffs at the local bot factories. If they can't find discarded electronic components they can't proliferate. Recycle and stop the madness!
Sad factory workers with pink slips
Just like older workers, old components were tossed out when a new more efficient model came along. The invention of the transistor put many of them out of work. They started their own factories to ensure their survival but now with the big push towards recycling, there is a shortage of components. The factories are shutting down. Where did these robotic characters go? How will they survive in a world that no longer has a use for them?
vintage vacuum tube characters vacuuming

Spike and Samson started Suck It Up, Inc., a cleaning service.

recycled art characters in santa hats

Dimwit and Darlene found temp jobs for the holidays.

fat bike and robot by river
Fearing for his life when he saw the e-waste recycling truck pull in his driveway, Chipster escaped on his fat bike and has been seen living down by the river.
Unconfirmed rumors say he got too wet, shorted out and died a horrible death. As of this date his body has not been found.

Kevin was seen boarding a plane for Newark, N.J.

electronic waste character with her dog
Known only as the green eyed gal, this one and her dog have been seen strutting around Ft. Myers Beach in Florida.
These two have chosen to drown their sorrows in alcohol. They can be found stumbling around the forest in a drunken stupor.
vintage vacuum tube climbing a tree
Many of these wayward components have fled to the forest and are living in the thick undergrowth. E-waste is spreading rapidly across the globe.
old man with a walker
Some may appear to be old and feeble. Do not be fooled, they are still dangerous to the environment. If any of these despicable robotic characters are found they must be taken to a certified recycling center for proper disposal.
recycled art character playing with fire
Their fascination with fire makes them extremely dangerous. Burning e-waste releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere.
horrid table saw accident
Don't be taken in by their big eyes and spiked hair. They may look cute, but they can be heartless and brutal!
Sad faced vacuum tube person
I found this low life lurking around my electric meter trying to steal electrons and was able to capture him. If you notice a sudden and unexpected increase in your electric bill, this could be the reason why.   
He looks so sad and pitiful I am tempted to keep him. Maybe I could put him in a terrarium with a tight fitting lid. I think he might make a good pet.
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