Houston Airport Bush
We made it through the TSA security check. Mom told the agent we were certified therapy chips. We are flying to Florida!
It's storming, we can't get off the ground!
Anna Maria Island Beach
We had to wait 4 hours for the storm to pass but finally got on the plane and made it to sunny Florida.

I can't reach!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Arghhhh! He is gonna eat me for lunch!

Hello down there! Can you come out and play?

Found this awesome house at the Sea Hagg in Cortez, Fl.

Lunch at the Starfish in Cortez, Fl.

So relaxing! I don't even care that I lost my legs in a horrible accident.

And then I turned him to stone!

The Island Sand Paper
We had fun exploring in Florida and even got our picture in the Fort Myers Beach Sand Paper!

We had a BBQ to celebrate being published in the paper.

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