Do not pick, kick or eat the mushrooms. Leave them for others to enjoy. If you are caught harming mushrooms the aliens will not be happy. Ever seen an unhappy alien? It's not a pretty sight.
These mushrooms were found in Kleb Woods Nature Preserve, Bear Creek Park and Jesse H. Jones park.
Earth Star Mushrooms

  Earth Star Mushrooms (Geastrum saccatum)

Stinkhorn Mushroom Photo
Phallus impudicus - Common stinkhorn. Smells like rotting flesh to attract bugs which spread the spores. Grows in wood debris.
Stinkhorn Mushroom Egg

Stinkhorn egg.

Orange stinkhorn mushroom photo
Clathrus columnatus - Column Stinkhorn  The green slime seen at the top attracts insects to spread the spores.
Texas Wild Mushroom Photo
Snail eating Russula mushroom
Orange Mushroom Photo
Lions Mane Mushroom, Tomball Texas

Lions Mane Mushroom

Tan and White Mushroom Photo
Yellow Mushrooms Growing in Log Photo
Light shining through mushroom.
Oyster Mushrooms Photo
Orange Mushroom Cantharellus texensis

Cantharellus texensis

Red and white Russula Mushroom photo.
puffball mushrooms photo

Puffball Mushroom

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