Robots as Pets
Terrariums are a great place to keep your little robotic friends. A tight fitting lid keeps them contained and out of trouble when you are not home. They don't like the humidity and may tap on the glass and cry at first. Just ignore their sad little faces and pitiful cries and they will settle down.  If rust starts to form on their electrodes it can be removed with a stiff brush and a little WD-40 when you take them out on the weekend.
Pet robot in terrarium
Poor Stripes, mold has started to grow in the terrarium from one of the dying mushrooms. Will the rapidly growing fungus eat him alive or will his friends be able to remove the lid and save him in time?
Escape from the terrarium
Cattail at Paul Rushing Park, Houston, TX
Take your electronic components to the park as often as you can. They love to go exploring! A tired robot is a good robot.
Hodges Bend Cemetery, Sugar Land TX
1902 Headstone, Historic Hodges Bend Cemetery

Tumbleweed goes exploring

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